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Which components are included in the camera module

Camera module, including:

1. Circuit board: circuit board with circuit and electronic components;

2. Shell: The camera shell has a variety of shapes, generally a gun model, hemisphere, ball type. Materials are aluminum, plastic, etc.

3. Photosensitive chip: connected with the circuit board, the edge part of the photosensitive chip is wrapped by the packaging body, the middle part of the photosensitive chip is placed in the cavity;

4. Lens: Focal length is what we usually say how many millimeters of lens. Generally there are 4mm, 6mm,8mm, 12mm and so on.

5. Filter: directly connected with the lens, arranged above the cavity and directly opposite the photosensitive chip.

6. Light board: The common camera light board includes: array type red light, ordinary red light, white light board.