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Senior optical Engineer


Bachelor degree or above
3 years
Dongguan, Guangdong

Research and development technology

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the selection and design of optically related devices

2. Overall design and engineering design of all kinds of optical equipment, output design documents and process documents.

3. Complete optical technology innovation and pre-research, and track the latest technological progress in the field of measurement.

4. Design and execution of optical test experiments.

5. Drew the parts and assembly drawings of the optical system, and solved the technical problems in the actual processing and assembly process.

6. Sort out technical literature and prepare technical documents.


1. Master degree or above in optical engineering, precision instrument, laser or optoelectronic technology, more than 3 years of relevant working experience;

2. In-depth understanding of lens, DoE, Vcsel, collimator, lidar\ToF, Sensor and other photoelectric equipment

3. Have the ability to design optical system, be familiar with optical processing, assembly and testing technology, and have the ability to install dimming path skillfully

4. Able to innovate ideas in research and development, debugging, etc., and successfully achieve the target;

5. Familiar with the knowledge of applied optics and the application methods of optical software.

6. Familiar with optical devices, have relevant experience in device design, packaging or testing

7, familiar with laser principle, optics, electronics, machinery and other aspects have a comprehensive understanding;

8. Proficient in English, able to consult English materials independently;

9. Team spirit, willing to help others;

10. Responsible, rigorous and meticulous in work, with a good spirit of innovation and team spirit.